we are better together

Kids in Worship

Jesus said, “Let the children come unto me.”

We are excited to worship in spirit, truth, and freedom…together!

There is no Junior Holy Spirit


We are exited to introduce our new component of kids in the sanctuary. Now, elementary students will stay in the sanctuary for the entirety of the service. Middle school students will have class every other week, and the nursery will be open for little ones for the whole service.

Kids in the sanctuary will have age appropriate quiet activities and toys available to them in their sermon bags. Regular attenders will have these bags saved for them, by name, for when they return so their books and toys will be theirs.

Frequently Asked questions: 

To start, remember that God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel that you have to suppress those wiggles in God’s house. There is grace and freedom here.

how will this work?

Families will continue to check-in children before service begins. (The check-out process remains unchanged.) Families will then enter the sanctuary together for our time of worship. After worship, there will be a time of greeting + fellowship, and children will be dismissed to their classrooms. Leaders will be stationed throughout the lobby to guide students upstairs safely.

where should we sit?

You can sit wherever you’re comfortable! Sitting toward the front will help your child to feel more engaged in worship. Sitting toward the back may offer more freedom for dancing and wiggles without distraction.

how free is free?

Give your children clear, fair boundaries. Running? Nope.  On stage? No Way.  Spinning contest? Nope again.  Joyful dancing? Yes. Twirling to the music? Yep. Lifting up hands? Absolutely!  If your child wants to dance in worship, let him or her dance!  The back of the sanctuary is a great place to dance and worship with your child, teaching them to be sensitive to the Spirit of God and always aware of others.

will there be kid's songs

Our worship music in the sanctuary will not change. However, kid’s music is always a part of their classroom fun. Songs such as Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light, etc. are taught and sang during their time in class.

what if my child is disruptive

You can feel free to step out if you need to, but please, come back in to the sanctuary with your little one! Discuss any boundaries that need to be obeyed and offer clear consequences for good choices and poor choices. Kids need practice, patience, acceptance, and grace to grow. We want them to grow in experiencing God’s presence through worship!

what if i'm volunteering

We are a family church. We want to support families in every way possible. If you don’t have anyone to be with your child while you are serving during worship, talk to us and let’s figure something out together.

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