We start with love – always.

Not just kids but whole people called to know Him,

Called with purpose.

Imagine knowing that the heart of your child was truly important to someone else. Imagine that someone took the time to remember their favorite color or favorite food or favorite TV show. Imagine that someone was praying for your precious one – for protection, blessing, and favor over them. Imagine that words of encouragement and praise were being sown and planted into their souls each week. Would knowing that you are not alone in raising them make all the difference?

Babies + Toddlers

6 months – 3 years


3 – 5 years


K – 4th grade

Consistency, kindness, attention, and care are the foundation on which we layer biblical truth.

Time together  +  Attention  +  Encouragement  =  LOVE

LOVE  +  Bible knowledge  =  Follower of Christ FOREVER!

Safety is Paramount.

Our team is held to state standards when it comes to background checks, clearances, and trainings. Children are checked in 15 minutes prior to service + given a unique code to match the guardian who will be picking them up.

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