a family church

We believe in walking with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When we stumble, we get up and walk on. We are never alone.

we are meeting in person

We are meeting in person and on Facebook Live every Sunday at 10 am.

Wednesday night worship + prayer

1st Wednesday of the month  –   next date:  February 2nd   –    6:30-8pm    –    in sanctuary

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we will make your kids a priority

  We journey together

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Reaching One Million Souls for Jesus

We believe in seeing the lost saved, lives transformed, the sick healed, and families thriving. 

We believe we are called to reach one million souls in the Erie area for Jesus!

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Erie Christian Fellowship is not an isolated local church. Aside from our local connections, we’re also a part of a group of churches of like faith and practice called One Focus Network, based in Virginia. The One Focus Network plants churches, helps healthy churches grow, revitalizes declining churches and develops pastors & leaders. This network exists for the purpose of exalting Christ in every tongue, tribe and nation.

As a network, we are evangelical in theology, belief and practice and charismatic in expression. One Focus provides accountability, ministry resources, training and fellowship to its member churches. One Focus member churches pool their resources so that the experience, theological training and practical teaching we enjoy together can be available to both current and next-generation leaders. Through our combined resources, we are able to equip, assist and strengthen one another and provide opportunities for fellowship and accountability, while still recognizing the autonomy of each local church. Most importantly, the network allows each otherwise independent church to have qualified, godly accountability.

Sharpened conference

As a staff, we were thrilled to attend One Focus Network’s anual conference this year. The theme for 2021 was “Sharpened,” and we learned so much about the importance of the Word and just how high of a priority it should be in our lives.

We are highlighting a few speaker sessions during the month of December. Click the links below to listen and watch.

our leadership staff

Pastors Jason and Liz Ackerman

Pastors Jason and Liz Ackerman

Senior Pastors

Pastor Andy Muscella

Pastor Andy Muscella

Associate Pastor

Sydney Moore

Sydney Moore

Worship Leader

come meet us in person!


10 am – 12 pm

listen to the podcast

listen to the podcast

Come meet us in person!