We start with love. Always.

Not just children, but whole people called to know Him- called with purpose.

Imagine knowing that the heart of your child was truly important to someone else. Imagine that someone took the time to remember their favorite color or favorite food or favorite show. Imagine that someone was praying for your precious one – for protection, blessing and favor over them. Imagine that words of encouragement and praise were being sown and planted into their souls each week. Would knowing that you are not alone in raising them make all the difference?

Our nursery is now officially open and staffed!

Babies 0-3 years old are welcome to come play during the service!
Drop off is around the corner from the Kid’s Ministry desk in the back of the lobby.

Every 5th Sunday the Nursery will NOT be staffed, but will remain open for parents.

Thank you to all the volunteers who are serving our families!

kids in worship 


We’re excited to announce our new Kid’s Ministry- Kid Corner. Kids in the sanctuary will have age appropriate quiet activities and toys available to them in their sermon bags. Regular attenders will have these bags saved for them, by name, for when they return so their books and toys will be theirs.

Family Room


Our Family Room is now open! This room is located in the lobby when you walk in to the left. This space is for parents and their children age 3-8 who feel more comfortable outside of the sanctuary but are still able to listen to the sermon. This is a great space for children to be stimulated (and a little noisier than in service) while still being able to hear the Word preached.

Adult supervision is required for your own child/children who stay in the Family Room.

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