We believe in walking; walking with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When we stumble, we get up and walk on.

We never walk alone.

We are meeting in person this Sunday 10 am and streaming on Facebook Live

We are meeting in person this Sunday 10 am and streaming on Facebook Live

Why Gather?

We are gathering regularly as a church family again beginning on Sunday 5/17 at 10am because there must be spiritual, emotional, and mental respite in God’s presence for the people of God who need to gather and choose to gather at this time.

Who Should Stay Home?

If you are sick, immunocompromised, elderly, have risk factors, or are anxious about the risk of infection, we encourage you to STAY HOME!

Our Facebook Live service is perfect for you!

Is It Safe?

We have a HUGE facility and campus. We are well able to host services maintaining social distancing by honoring the state recommended occupancy limits. If you attend services and choose to follow ALL the precautions put in place, it is likely that you could have less exposure than a trip to the grocery store.

Current safety precautions in place

We care about your safety.

We care about the Gospel being preached.

We care about the Holy Spirit outpouring on His people.

-Occupancy limits are in place and enforced.

-Socially distanced seating is required. Rows have been widened.

-Two empty seats will be kept between each family.

-Masks should be brought and may be worn at any or all times.

-All kids will stay with families. Sermon bags are ready for kids in PreK – 6th.

-Nursery is open for use by parents with babies under 3yrs. old ONLY.

-Cafe and kitchen are closed. No drinks or food will be served.

-Water fountains are turned off. Please bring your own water if you need it.

-No touch entry available at main doors.

-Multiple exit doors available from sanctuary.

-Non-passing communion & offering

We will make your kids a priority.


We believe that God has a plan, purpose and calling for every life. 

In our uniqueness, we glorify Him.

We journey together.

Join a group + gain a family.

New Series: In the Last Days

New Series:

In the Last Days

click link below to download timeline and key

click link below to download timeline and key

link for pdf

link for pdf

Our Leadership Staff

Pastors Jason + Liz Ackerman

Pastors Jason + Liz Ackerman

Senior Pastors

Sydney Moore

Sydney Moore

Worship Leader

Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont

Pastors Jim & Pam Dumont

Founding Pastors